Built on the revolutionary ideas of America's founding fathers (Boston counts John Adams and Benjamin Franklin as its own), this historic city continues to revolutionize pathways in arts, medicine, education and politics. Nicknamed the "Hub of the Universe," it has come a long way since its Puritan roots. Really - from Prohibition to earning the title of America's Drunkest City (according to The Daily Beast) in less than 100 years is quite an achievement in itself.

The presence of educational powerhouses like MIT and Harvard hints toward the major influence higher education has on the city. A day can easily be spent admiring the scientific achievements of MIT in the university's interactive museum, or mingling with students within the ivy-covered walls of Harvard Yard.

This Summer It’s About Boston

There is no better place to be this summer than Boston! With so many activities there is something for everyone, from the history-buff, to the outdoors-man (and woman), even the kiddos will have something to do in the city this summer. We’ve put together a few of our own suggestions for a great time in ...

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New England Summer Maps Are Here

New England Map
Our New England Summer Map has just arrived! Chock full of plenty of things to do in this fun area, your visit isn’t complete without one. Encompassing Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut, this map includes locators for the area’s top resorts, attractions, casinos, ziplines and historic sites. Produced by CTM Media Group and Ettractions, Inc. Visit our online store to get your map.  

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Summer Tours in Boston

Since Boston is situated on the water, it’s a given that many of the tours will involve ending up in the water or checking out the animals that live there. We’ve come up with a list of our favorite ways to see this awesome city – by land or sea (or somewhere in between). Duck ...

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Boston in the Springtime

Dave Loggins said it best: “Please come to Boston for the springtime.” As the weather turns nice and Bostonians start peeling off their layers of fleece, the city truly comes to life. With its sports teams, numerous green spaces and growing restaurant scene, there’s plenty to do that doesn’t involve baked beans and college tours. ...

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FUN Things to Do in Boston in March

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow meaning Spring is coming early; which is fine with Boston as most of New England is still trying to rid itself from the remnants of a certain mean winter storm. So to help visitors prepare for the impending warm weather, we’ve compiled a list of must-attend events in The ...

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